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Targeted shooter/ Specialized Shock Collars for Millitary Bred Dogs


Most of you that read my shooting blog, know I am former USMC Forrest Recon and am a huge fan of the military. I recently talked to a good friend of mine who is in the bomb AR-169 Bomb and defuse regiment, amazingly these guys are using shock collars for dogs to control to train and maintain military dog discipline and conformity. Staff Sergeant Johnson is an active member of this new specialized division of Forrest Recon.

In this world, dogs are not just anymore a pet. Dogs are man’s best friends. People love their dogs as their own family member. Dogs are not only for home, but also for outdoor activities. Dogs are incorporated with guns and fire arms due to the fact that dogs have the ability to smell and detect bombs and other faults in several crimes. Petting dogs is not just for fun, but also for security purposes. If you have your own dog in your home, you are at least calm that there is somebody who can supervise your home. If you are a dog owner, you should train your dog in hearing some loud noises like gun noise for your dog not to be a shy type kind, but a mature one.


If you want your dogs to be efficient, try the shock collars for dogs. The main reasons why shock collars were created include:


  1. To keep your dogs inside your premises. With the help of shock collars for dogs, your dog will be safe from going outside your home or invisible fence. This shock collar for dogs can determine and correct if the dog is near the fence. The invisible fence system can keep your dog safely contained.


  1. Stop your dog from barking. The shock collar for dog automatically delivers a rectification whenever your dog starts to bark. If the dog continues to bark, the frequency, strength and duration of the shocks will increase automatically.


  1. Stop dog behaviors as well as train dogs. Shock collars for dog are commonly used for off harness training like training how your dog can accommodate gun noise upon hearing it. But, some pet owners and dog trainers also use the shock collars to stop some behavioral problems like dog aggression as well as food aggression. You can also use an electric dog fence in conjunction.


  1. Train the dog to stay away from all dangerous objects and animals. The common use of the shock collar for dog is for rattle snake aversion preparing. A dog is shocked very hard, but in a small number of times up to three times when the dog is near the cage of the rattle snake. This trains him not to draw near the rattlesnake.
  2. Watch this you tube video about electric dog fence systems and customization with a shock collar remote training system.


There are three modes upon using shock collars for dog: beep mode, vibrate mode and shock mode.


Beep Mode. A beep is sent out whenever the shock collar is pressed. The beep can be used as a marker as well as a clicker if it is used in click training. For a beep to be an efficient and effective marker, the dog needs to have prior training on sound and noise with a positive outcome. This will give him the opportunity to be rewarded upon hearing the beep. The beep can also be used to get the attention of your dog or interrupt his behavioral actions. If the interrupt beep is applied regularly, your dog will be used to it and will just ignore it.


Vibrate Mode. The shock collars for dog vibrate to get the attention of your dog similar to when your phone vibrates. The use of the vibrate mode is similar to beep mode. Vibrate mode does not deliver any electric shock to your dog.


Shock Mode. The shock collar delivers an electric current to your dog through 2 contact parts of the dog’s neck. The electric shock causes physical discomfort and pain to your dog or else, it is not effective for conditioning your dog.

I find the best brand for shock collars for dogs is Dogtra. Dogtra by far out performs other mass manufactured collar brands such as PetSafe Brand. You can see the quality difference just by looking at the collar and the material.

3 key factors of the amount of pain:


  1. The current frequency.


  1. The current duration.


  1. The voltage/power of the electric current.


The amount of pain that your dog feels will depend on the characteristic of your dog including skin, fur and size as well as temperament. Some dogs are sensitive to hurt than other dogs. Sometimes, stimulation is used for describing shock collars as well as gentle shock collar training.

The shock collars for dog allow you to control the amount of pain delivered to your dog and manage the pain from a certain distance. One of the extreme challenges for implementing pain aversive based technique like muzzle slaps, finger pokes and leash jerks is controlling the quantity of force that is delivered to your dog. The systems work well in conjunction with an actual petsafe electric dog fence although in many cases your dog may have to wear two collars.


  • With too much intensive force, your dog might break down and turn into being fearful and stressed.


  • With too little force, your dog will just ignore the corrections and it will become a habit.


If the trainers are able to deliver the right amount of energy, the dog will surely not repeat all his bad behaviors. Your dog will also not become fearful and unbalanced. Unlike other aversive techniques, the shock collars for dog allow them to adjust easily the quantity of pain that is being delivered to your dog and keep the level of pain steady in successive corrections. The shock collars also administer pains from a distance. You can buy petsafe dog shock collar systems from various retailers on the internet, we found to be an excellent source of general information about petsafe and other brands of millitary grade shock collar systems.

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